Life, death and the afterlife – an Essay

Life, death and beyond !

While I was a full-time, Laval University psychology student, in Quebec City, I was working as a research assistant on a palliative care research team, Équipe de Recherche Michel-Sarrazin en Oncologie psychosociale et soins palliatifs (ERMOS). I was very interested in both Viktor Frankl‘s approach on existentialism analysis and the humanism approach, while a student in psychology. As a spiritual person, I was extremely drawn to humanistic approches to palliative care and end of life aspects of the human experience. This said, in 2010, I decided to take a course in the Theology Department of Laval University called Intervention in end of life care. This course was so interesting and fascinating. We studied belief systems, faiths and rites. We touched many aspects of ones life experiences regarding life, death and the afterlife (which I already believed in).

This university essay takes you through philosophy to spirituality, questions and self-reflections about life, death and the afterlife. It was an interview which I conducted, transcribed and analyzed to further understand the personal views and compare them to that of societal views and systems.

(Available in French only)

Vie Mort et au-delà. (French only avail) by Lisa Boucher

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From Beauce girl to Montreal woman

2 years of age
Lisa Boucher, 2 years old (1982)

Bonjour! So, who’s that girl?  My name is Lisa Boucher. I was born and raised in the city of Beauceville, in a countryside region of Quebec called Beauce. You can imagine this area is very agriculturally oriented, however this area of the province is impressively very well known for its entrepreneurs. I swear this genetic fibre was passed down to me from both my mother and father sides of the families.

Agricultural surroundings
Boucher family homestead located in Beauceville, Quebec (circa 1978)

After many career directions and a return to University, to study psychology, I founded my very first company, which offered translation and interpretation services. By then, at 26, I knew that I would definitely never fit into society’s mold to do the 9 to 5. Needless to say, having a boss was really not my cup of tea. Throughout my years in business development, my networks ballooned. I’m very lucky to have very successful entrepreneur friends. This allowed me to get inspired and well supported early on in my ventures. I just love anything about business, including business strategy, economics and politics of course. The Beauce region really fascinates me as it almost lives in a self-sustainable micro-economy within a macro-economy.  I’m truly proud to be Beauceronne !

35 years of age
Enjoying the rustic lifestyle, St-Georges, QC (2015) Photo : Cliff Pavlovic

I now live on the island of Montreal, happily married to Cliff, my amazing husband. He supports me throughout the roller-coaster ride of entrepreneurship, and all that I do. I’m CEO & Chairwoman of the Board of a crowdfunding company, called Momentum Crowdfunding, which I founded in February 2015. My mission with my alternative financing platform is to help other entrepreneurs reach their own personal victories and success stories !

This is my very first blog. I was requested by many to write about my passions and business experiences. I have too many ! I have a love for travelling and tasting life for what it has to offer ! So here I am ! Here, I will share with you all of my personal accounts and reviews on many aspects city life and countryside have to offer. I hope to entertain your taste of curiosity, discovery and appreciation of gastronomy, and hidden treasures that are not found in a travel guide. I’m also absolutely fascinated by renewable energy and self-sufficient living. In addition, I’ll write about my personal experiences and accounts on different topics which hold importance in my life, such as family, spirituality and business.

That’s all for now folks ! Happy Labour Day weekend to you all !

Enjoying a tasty meal at Les Tontons Flingeurs on Chemin Côte-des-neiges (2015)
Enjoying a tasty meal at Les Tontons Flingeurs on Chemin Côte-des-neiges (2015) Photo : Cliff Pavlovic